Writer cave progress and cover reveal


Progress. I have made progress! What? No, not with writing, don’t be silly. With the project designed to distract me from writing! That’s progress? Right?

Well I’m choosing to believe it is.

So, floor done, walls up, roof (mostly) on. Just about to start on the weatherboards today so long as the rain holds off. Hopefully I’ll be done soon enough. I’ll need it to be. Because I have some big news, and I’ll be needing a shed for it.

And on other news, Children of the Wild has a cover, as provided by the wildly talented (pun sort’ve intended) Lorena Carrington.

Cover reveal for Children of the Wild! | Eagle Books

Lorena nailed this one. She tends to nail all of them I suppose, but I’m bias. You cna check out Lorena’s other work here.

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