*tap tap* Is This Thing Still On?


Sooo…. time to grab that perennial opening again.

Yes. It has been a while. No, there’s no hiding it – it’s been a &^%ing long time. Life, as they say, has gotten away from me. Work and family and all that brings. It’s not a struggle unique to me, as nothing is in life, but that does not make it any less real.

And, if I’m being honest, the enforced ‘holiday’ from writing has hit me hard. Award submission opening have come and gone and for the first time in years I’ve had nothing to send in. My daily word count has dropped to near zero, and confidence I had in msyelf that I’ve steadily built up over years has worn to nearly nothing until it feels like the point at where i once was is now a mounting in front of me.

But, mountains are meant to be climbed, right?

I’m not a gritty, tough guy who fights because they have something to prove, but I am contrarian as *(&^ and I will get back up there. So, this is my pledge to you, imaginary reader, I will get my manuscript (from herein renamed ‘Mt Manuscript’) and get it to a publisher before the new year.

See you in a month….

Get These Motherfudgin’ Prams Off This Motherfrikkin’ Hallway!
It’s been….. too long