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Juggling Writing and… Writing


Alternate title – State of the Pate #1

In case you missed it (and why did you miss it? I’ve talked of barely anything else for the past month) I launched Brood Parasites on Patreon early last month, a serialised steampunk novel, and I’ve been getting quite a few positive messages about it….. and I also keep trying to the type the title as ‘Brood Pasties’ which may or may not mean I’m constantly peckish.

Anyway, it’s going well so far.  Not a great many backers, but making enough to buy a yacht (even a small one) was never my aim with Brood rather to just get people reading my work.  I can only guess from the messages people are, but the the thing with hosting something such as a project on a different site means you lose any sense of traffic.  Which is a pain, but then again the trade off is I gain potential access to all the traffic on Patreon.com.

So, we’re plodding along happily, up to Chapter Three already and an audio version of each chapter on the way.  And by the Second Law of Sod a massive freelance piece of work falls in my lap.

Just before Christmas.

When my wife’s cousin will be coming from overseas and we’ll be hosting.

Yah, it’s like that.

I said in the project’s opening page paying work would have to come first, but you can’t half tempt fate by beginning something new and big.

However, in a very un-Michael like move I am prepared!  I wrote a very long way into Brood before I started just for such an eventuality.  I could very easily do nothing on Brood until this freelance project is over, and the Patreon would jug on its merry way.  I won’t do that, of course – any feedback or suggestions will be taken on board, but the thing is I’m prepared if need be.  Preparation and being aware of your possible workload is key, especially when you have readers and clients relying on your output.

So, it looks like I’m in for a hectic Christmas and new year, but it’s going to be hectic with decorating the house, little boys opening presents, and creating, for which I have you to be thankful to.