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Where I Belatedly Realise Dan Abnett Answered My Question


Wanna hear something freaky?  (No?  Well screw you, this is my blog.)  I was lucky enough that my work load yesterday consisted of completely boring document which were entirely possible to reformat while I listened to something to else.  Yah, i know, right?!  Seriously though, I love work days like this, because it allows me to trawl YouTube for advice from published authors to those of us just starting out.

So I gone through Salman Rushdie and Ian McEwan (both always a pleasure to listen to), when I came across the video below.  Why am I posting this?  Because way back when Dan Abnett opened himself up on his blog to questions about his work and writing.  I’m a huuuuge fan of Dan’s writing.  Some might say he’s wasted on IP work, but in my mind it’s writers of his caliber which give the genre its legitimacy.

Anyway, I asked.  And then I forgot.  And then I listened to this video.  Skip to the 7:45 minute mark if you want, but I’d suggest you listen to the whole thing….

A funny answer for an entirely unnecessary question.  But how do you write for someone who’s smarter than you?  I think I’ll ask Stephen Fry…..