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A Miniature Christmas – the reviews begin


I got my hot little hands on some contributor copies of A Miniature Christmas recently, and oh my is it pretty. Easily the best looking edition of the collection so far. But more importantly, the first review are coming in….


Kids’ Books Review posted a very nice review of the collection, and wouldn’t you know it, Straight on ‘Til Morning got a mention:

“I love Oliver Phommavanh’s story about the little elf in an app that comes to life to tell Nathan how much fun he can get out of each toy he wants for Christmas. George Ivanoff’s story about a Christmas fairy trap is magical and Michael Grey’s reimagining of a Peter Pan ‘chrimbas’ is fun and authentic.”


It’s so nice when that happens, and it’s really made my day.

Well, that’s enough self-congratulating out of the way. The edits to this novel won’t make themselves…..