Haunted Futures – the reviews begin


It’s now only a few weeks until Haunted Futures hits the shelves – both digitally and physically – and the reviews have already begun and so far they’ve all been glowing.

Haunted Futures, a novel by Salome Jones


Everyone involved is pretty hyped that the collection no less than a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly, and the most recent one comes from SF Book Reviews¬†which kindly goes into every story individually, and was nice enough to say this about mine:

Future Noir by Michael Grey

Science fiction and Noir is a great combination and Michael Grey really nails it with Future Noir. This story asks the question – what would happen if they managed to prove the afterlife really does exist? If life after death is a proven fact how would this effect society, technology and of course religion? Throw in an investigation of the first murder in 20 years and you have a really cracking story.

If you want to pick up a copy of Haunted Futures (and why wouldn’t you?), get thine self yonder.



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