To Clutter or not to Clutter?


I’m a fairly spartan person.  I don’t know if this is natural or not, I mean I ache to buy a toy Warthog (of the HALO variety, not a pig) but I know it will just be something more to dust.

However, I may have been won over by New Crobuzon tube maps!

New Crobuzon tube map from

The talented people at have these for sale now, and I’m thinking this just may be a purchase for our new digs.  We’ll see if I can slip it past the missus.

In other news I’ve been a productive little writer.  Four short stories written, edited and submitted in three weeks is not bad, although O realise now it was an attempt by me to avoid working on the novel.  I subconsciously reached a point I knew I had to face I did not have a proper ending for a single book, just a jumper-ending to book 2, which will not help a first time novelist sell an MS.

Rather than be grown up and admit it, however, I of course stuck my head in the sane and wrote some short stories.  Time to get back on that horse, I think.  Wish me luck.


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