Think of Your Support Network


I follow on Twitter several of those motivational writer quote type accounts.  You know the ones, the ‘it’s not the size of the author at the typewriter, but the flavour of the paper’ type sayings.  I’ll be level with you, I’m not 100% certain I got that right, but the sentiment remains.

Anyway, one that continues to crop up is “marry someone you love and who thinks you being a writer is a good idea”, and this is something I agree with from the heart of my bottom.  I couldn’t have got to where I am today, which, as we’re being honest, isn’t exactly measured in light years yet, with the missus.  Not only does she provide the support and back I need to sit down for a quiet hour and bang out some words, but her and my boys are the reason I write.

I’ll never be  captain of industry, the regulations in Australia mean I’ll never be a firefighter, and I’m too honest to be a politician, but I want them to be proud of me, and I want my boys to have an example of ‘if you want something badly enough, and are willing to work hard enough, you can get it.’

I just wanted to say that.




PS – of course this post becomes null and void when I can’t get the wife to go to see the Avengers with me because it’s not a romcom.  We’ll just have to settle for The Woman in Black.  I told her it was based The Lady in Red…

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