The Time Fairy


I have this suspicion that there’s a time fairy.  She comes along when you’re not looking and – whoosh! – waves her wand and suddenly it’s 9pm, the dishes are still waiting to be done, you know the rubbish is being collected the next day, and and some point you’re going to have to ingest something or drop to the floor.

In my mind she’s related to the tooth and the sock* fairy.

Only the time fairy hasn’t been visiting me, instead I’ve been hit with a big dose of real life.

the past 7 months have seen my become a father again, get a new job and move into a newly built house.  All ft very much into the ‘yay!’ category, but they also suck in time like a …. OK, I won’t use the analogy which sprung to mind.  Let’s go with ‘vacuum cleaner’.

The problem is around 7 months ago I also agreed to write a novel and, well, it’s not going well.  Well, it IS going well in that the story is solid, and the characters are so grounded they have birth certificates, but the time to write?  Yeah, it’s eluding me.

So, I’ve found a way to streamline – the first draft is being written as a screenplay.  economical in words and time, a screenplay is quickly allowing me to get the first draft out of the way, nailing down the nitty gritty, helping me spot plot hole without having to go through thousands of words to get there.  Hoorah!

So, when the time fairy comes knocking next time, I’ll be waiting, with a length of two by four, and a camera to send a proof of life to the sock fairy to demand my socks back.



*The sock fairy is the one who leaves you with odd socks.  She’s the most evil one.

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