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Haunted Futures Released and a Haunted Video


Break out the fairy bread and butter up a toadstool*, Haunted Futures is finally on the streets!  It feels like it’s taken an inordinately long time, but Salome and good people at Ghostwoods have really put together a great anthology here.  The reviews  – including a starred one from Publisher’s Weekly – have begin rolling in and they’re all really positive.

And to mark the occasion, Salome hosted a hangout last night to speak to some of the authors, yours truly included, to chat about the book and, in my case, what not to include in children’s fiction.

I’m on first, but if you have…*looks at running time*  …wow, six hours… but life is bleak and needs entertainment, and the other guys are all worth hearing, so get at it.


*I don’t know what I’m on about either.

Haunted Futures – the reviews begin


It’s now only a few weeks until Haunted Futures hits the shelves – both digitally and physically – and the reviews have already begun and so far they’ve all been glowing.

Haunted Futures, a novel by Salome Jones


Everyone involved is pretty hyped that the collection no less than a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly, and the most recent one comes from SF Book Reviews which kindly goes into every story individually, and was nice enough to say this about mine:

Future Noir by Michael Grey

Science fiction and Noir is a great combination and Michael Grey really nails it with Future Noir. This story asks the question – what would happen if they managed to prove the afterlife really does exist? If life after death is a proven fact how would this effect society, technology and of course religion? Throw in an investigation of the first murder in 20 years and you have a really cracking story.

If you want to pick up a copy of Haunted Futures (and why wouldn’t you?), get thine self yonder.



Ghostwoods Books on Kickstarter – A Good Cause for Good People and Good Fiction


Love fiction? ‘Course you do! Love helping out the little guy? Of course, because you’re a classy gal/guy (delete as appropriate). Love me? ….debatable. But so long as the answer to the first two was yes you might be interested in the kickstarter by Ghostwoods Books.

Ghostwoods, or GWB to its friends, is a smalltime publisher with a good heart and some great books. They’re running a kickstarter as a funding drive to set itself up to expand. They’re aiming to be able to publish more books, and pay their authors fairly, which is always a good thing (see WWE for what happens when a writer is angry at their pay).

Anyhoo, for a few dollars you could help these guys along, and pick up an ebook or two. Might I suggest Cthulhu Lives!, featuring the hottest person writing this post right now, or Red Phone Box, a circular story exploration featuring Warren Ellis?

Real Writer, Checking in


*Forces open the blog door against rusty hinges and blows dust from keyboard*

Been a bit quiet here, eh?  I do apologise.  I’ve been rather busy, you see.  Mostly with stuff I’m afraid I can’t share just yet, but soon, hopefully.  One thing I can share however is that Cthulhu Lives!, the anthology featuring yours truly from Ghostwoods Books, is now up for preorder on Amazon, and includes a blurb from Warren Ellis.

Warren Ellis.

Warren Ellis has read my work.

Warren Ellis has read my work and didn’t want to vomit.  I don’t care where you’re from, in my book that’s a f***ing win!

And to top that off Amazon emailed me recommending the books I’m published in.  I’m pretty certain Hemingway said something about this making a writer all official like.

I’ll leave you today with the song of the sphere…. cause it’s awesome.