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An Unexpected Surprise


The Drabblecast (you know, the Drabblecast) has a weekly contest where they set a theme and you have to write a one hundred word story.  Exactly 100, no more, not less.  I’ve taken part a few times, and I was pleasantly surprised the other day to find an email in my inbox telling me someone enjoyed one enough to record it for the Dribblecast

So, thank you Tibbi, you did a great job, and I’m very happy you liked it enough to take the time.


Getting Edumacated


I’m a big fan of the Writing Excuses podcast.  It’s definitely a must-listen for any beginner writer out there, and it was also an introduction to me for the writings of Brandon Sanderson.  I’m in an odd position that I find myself a fan of Sanderson without actually reading any of his novels.  I enjoyed his short story in the Armored anthology from JJ Adams, but I feel after listening to him expound on the craft and approaches of writing so much I cna’t help but feel respect for the man.

Anyway, I’m saying this because I had a series of YouTube videos brought to my attention.  They’re a collection of classes Brandon gave to his college class on creative writing.  There’s a fair few hour’s worth of material here for people to listen to, and I already have, and if there’s a way to download them I will for future reference.