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If I Were a Piggy I’d Sing Piggy Wiggy Wiggy Wiggy Woo!


So here’s a nice surprise.  The Once Upon a Christmas anthology from Christmas Press Picture Books, which features yours truly, is counted among the best 25 Christmas childrens’ books over at Childrens’ Books Daily.

A magical Christmas mix of stories, poems, memoirs and illustrations from some of Australia’s favourite children’s authors and illustrators. From the funny to the ghostly, fantasy to adventure, from peace and love to action and the unexpected, from recipes to carols, whether you dip in or devour, read aloud or read under the covers, there’s something in this beautiful lavish book for everyone to enjoy.


Which is a lovely thing to say, and I of course agree completely.  😉



‘The Boar’s Head’ Gets All Pictoral


I had a wonderful surprise yesterday. It turns out my story in the upcoming ‘Once Upon a Christmas’ anthology from Christmas Press Picture Books rated its own illustration from the overly talented Ingrid Kallick.

It’s like magic. I wrote the words and its like someone saw what was in my head (which may or may not mean that The Voices were right all along, but that’s for another time).

If you’re wondering what the illustration for The Boar’s Head looks like, here ’tis.

And if you’re in the market for a little persons’ collection of Christmas stories for this season, here you go.