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Ghostwoods Books on Kickstarter – A Good Cause for Good People and Good Fiction


Love fiction? ‘Course you do! Love helping out the little guy? Of course, because you’re a classy gal/guy (delete as appropriate). Love me? ….debatable. But so long as the answer to the first two was yes you might be interested in the kickstarter by Ghostwoods Books.

Ghostwoods, or GWB to its friends, is a smalltime publisher with a good heart and some great books. They’re running a kickstarter as a funding drive to set itself up to expand. They’re aiming to be able to publish more books, and pay their authors fairly, which is always a good thing (see WWE for what happens when a writer is angry at their pay).

Anyhoo, for a few dollars you could help these guys along, and pick up an ebook or two. Might I suggest Cthulhu Lives!, featuring the hottest person writing this post right now, or Red Phone Box, a circular story exploration featuring Warren Ellis?

Containment Protocol is a go….


Woohoo, publication day is here!  The lovely people at Mantic Games released Containment Protocol over the weekend, a collection of short stories around their tabletop game Deadzone, which was Kickstarted (and to a ridiculously successful degree) last year.  I back it, and on a side note the game is awesome, and this weekend got to be a part of of the growing Deadzone story as my short piece The Hunt was published in the collection.

I had a lot of fun writing The Hunt.  The world Mantic have designed in Deadzone very much represents the zeitgesit of today, just as Games Workshop did in the 80s with Warhammer 40,000.  In it, we are presented with a galaxy run on a corporacracy, where the final word of law is what the largest corporation says it is.  It’s serfdom in everything but name, which is basically the logical end result if capitalism is allowed to run unchecked.

Sound familiar?  Yup, scratch one down for why I find it so enticing.

Anyway, if you check it out I hope you like it… now I’m off to write another for their Dreadball anthology…