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A Cthulhu Lives! review… and a digital high five


So here was, minding my own business, just aimlessly surfing the inter… OK, I’ve been googling pretty much none stop since the Cthulhu Lives! ARCs went out, so sue me.

Anyway, I found this wonderful review of the collection here on the aptly named Library Thing from a lovely lady called Diana.  From now on every person I meet with that name shall receive a hug.  Maybe I’ll get the right one eventually.

Thank you for your kind words, Diana.  In lieu of said hug I offer you a digital high five (thi offer includes, but is not limited to, everyone reading)

Cthulhu Lives!: An Eldritch Tribute to H.P.…


Real Writer, Checking in


*Forces open the blog door against rusty hinges and blows dust from keyboard*

Been a bit quiet here, eh?  I do apologise.  I’ve been rather busy, you see.  Mostly with stuff I’m afraid I can’t share just yet, but soon, hopefully.  One thing I can share however is that Cthulhu Lives!, the anthology featuring yours truly from Ghostwoods Books, is now up for preorder on Amazon, and includes a blurb from Warren Ellis.

Warren Ellis.

Warren Ellis has read my work.

Warren Ellis has read my work and didn’t want to vomit.  I don’t care where you’re from, in my book that’s a f***ing win!

And to top that off Amazon emailed me recommending the books I’m published in.  I’m pretty certain Hemingway said something about this making a writer all official like.

I’ll leave you today with the song of the sphere…. cause it’s awesome.