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‘Alek and Elizabeth and the End of the World’ at the Journey Into…. Podcast


You’ve read me wax lyrical about the quality of the Journey Into… podcast and Marshal Latham’s production on it in this blog before.  Well now he’s done me the honour of running my story ‘Alek and Elizabeth and the End of the World’ and oh my as the nail ever struck on the head.

Both Marshall and the producer, Chris Munroe, did a great job.  They interpreted the story just as I imagined, and the artwork is awesome:

I’ve always had trouble receiving compliments, and how Marshal and Chris handled my writing is the biggest compliment I’ve had for it.  I’m worried now about going overboard, but really I don’t think I could say enough about the ‘cast.

But don’t believe me, because I lie, go listen for yourself.  And while you’re there check out some of the other stories Marshal has run.  ‘The Fog Horn’ by Ray Bradbury is one of my favourites.




And Another Story Sold


Much rejoicing was had this past weekend.  Partly due to the missus and I buying a block of land (more of this will follow in other posts, I’m sure), but mainly due to the rather good Journey Into…. podcast buying one of my stories.


Journey Into...

The story is called Alek and Elizabeth and the End of the World, and will be the first time my writing will be podcasted.  I’m excited to see what the fine at at Journey Into… do with it, and duobly so that it is Journey Into….  Marshal Latham who puts the cast together is very talented.  He came to my notice from his work on the Dunesteef podcast, so above all else it’s an honour he thinks my work is worth his time and energy.

Thanks, Marshal!