Real Writer, Checking in


*Forces open the blog door against rusty hinges and blows dust from keyboard*

Been a bit quiet here, eh?  I do apologise.  I’ve been rather busy, you see.  Mostly with stuff I’m afraid I can’t share just yet, but soon, hopefully.  One thing I can share however is that Cthulhu Lives!, the anthology featuring yours truly from Ghostwoods Books, is now up for preorder on Amazon, and includes a blurb from Warren Ellis.

Warren Ellis.

Warren Ellis has read my work.

Warren Ellis has read my work and didn’t want to vomit.  I don’t care where you’re from, in my book that’s a f***ing win!

And to top that off Amazon emailed me recommending the books I’m published in.  I’m pretty certain Hemingway said something about this making a writer all official like.

I’ll leave you today with the song of the sphere…. cause it’s awesome.



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