Guilty Pleasures


I have a rule a try to follow.  Well, actually, I have several, such as ‘do not slap the guy ahead of you on the pavement upside the head for walking at a glacial pace’, but the one I’m referring to now is just as hard to keep.  This rule is; I try to read one book I really, really, want to reasd, followed by one I feel I should read.  The decision on what I should read is based on prevailing attitudes in the literary press and recommendations.  I do hold that all writers should read a lot and read widely, however kids and work, plus writing itself, means the amount of time I can actually read is tiny compared to a few years ago.

Which leads to moments of weakness like I’m having now.

I have just finished ‘Descent of Angels’ by Mitch Scanlon, book, um six, I think, in Games Workshop’s Horus Heresy series.  The series is pure IP geekiness, I’ll admit to that.  And the different novels’ quality varies from author to author, from the creative giant Dan Abnett and down.  ‘Descent of Angels’ was one of the better books, and I enjoyed the ride, putting it on the shelf after the last page and picking up my next read, in this case ‘Atonement’ by Ian McEwan.  I’ve found I’m a fan of McEwan’s without actually reading any of his novels, thanks to reading and watching numerous interviews, and have two books of his on my shelves.  Of the two, Atonement has the better reviews, so that one t was….. until I realised the next book in the Heresy series was another by Dan Abnett.

It took me all of 27 seconds to decide that time is short and books are not.

I’m loving the book, bythe way.  Abnett can set the scene of a war within a page.  The man’s a genius.



Welcome to the new site! And a thought on attitude…



How’re you liking the new site?  Is it working for you?  I do hope so.  I’ve been fighting with this thing all weekend and finally got it to a state I’m beginning to be happy with.  Of course, all this tweaking and learning meant my word could hit a problem over the past few days which I need to rectify, but before I bid you adieu and get to it, I thought I would share something.  There’s a note of boasting coming up, so feel free to skip to the end if you like.

I share an internet forum with several other writers, ost are beginners like myself but some published, where we shoot the breeze, blow of steam and other cliched activities.  I won’t tell you the site, because you might take a peak and in my mind it would be like visiting the sausage factory, but looking over the crowing and complaining over submissions sent, rejected and accepted I’ve been told I have the perfect attitude when it comes to submission rejections.  And that is well **** you too!

That makes me sound a tad conceited, but there’s more to it than that.  I seem to be averaging over half of rejections coming back with feedback, which is great!  I love rejections with feedback!  And I look upon those as challenges I have accepted and will eventually win, oh yes, I will win.

Perhaps a psychologist will eventually tell me this is some kind of deep seated desire for love and approval, but until then I’ll keep throwing down the gauntlet to any and all submission calls I come across.