Me in Ironwatch, Two Times!


I’m a bloody idiot.  No, no, don’t correct me… oh, you weren’t… well regardless, the initial sentiment remains.  Why?  Well Ironwatch, the fan magazine for Mantic Games came out a while ago, and it features stories by me, and forgot to tell you.  And my level of stupidity is double because it came out not once, but twice!  If you like quick and dirty sci fi short fiction I hope I delivered, and it tantlises you enough to keep checking back, because that bad boy is going to be spread across four issues.

I’m pretty certain I’ve written about Mantic before, but if not and you like free fiction (did I mention it was free?), and wargaming then go check it out.  The guys there have got some solid IP going on in their universes which I’m happy to pick apart in my own writing.

Oh, and keep an eye on the next issue.  I’ll have something on their new game Dreadball in there too…



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