Lazarus and the Tank, on The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine


Let’s get this out of the way early: I really don’t sound like that.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about you’ll have to listen to the recent edition of the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, where Big and Rish run a story of mine called Lazarus and the Tank…. and then do a Dick Van Dyke level impression.

Don’t ask.

But do listen! (there’s a link there, by the way)



In all seriousness, I am truly honoured that they ran the story.  I’ve been listening to the podcast for years (and if you haven’t, there’s a 153 episodes for you to catch up on, you lucky person), long enough now when I hear their voices it’s like listening to two old friends.

Also kudos must go out to Tom Tancredi who did an excellent job with producing the cast, Craig Weinberg for the retro sci fi music (It made me want to play Mass Effect again) and Alyssa Quinn for the cover art, which suits the subject and sound effects perfectly.

I hope you enjoy,


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