It’s been….. too long


Seriously, it has. Don’t fear, I’ve been here all along, but my attention has been elsewhere. Jobs, families and bills wait for no one, and my limited writing time has been elsewhere. But luckily, we all have more free time now, right?


Anyone in the middle of this lockdown working from home with children will tell you exactly how much they miss school and child care. But despite that, after getting my last manuscript to the publisher – hoorah – I’ve made progress on plotting the next. It’s….. slow going, to say the least, and ti does not help that everyone keeps posting that fact about Shakespeare writing whole plays while he was in lockdown, and the Insta set showing off their newly found skills in sourdough baking and Inuit nose poetry.

You are you. Get done what you can. These are trying times for all of us, and any progress you can make over whatever timeline is still a step forward. Good for you, give yourself a pat on the back, and I hope you live in a country where alcohol stores are classed as an essential service.

You got this.


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