Getting Edumacated


I’m a big fan of the Writing Excuses podcast.  It’s definitely a must-listen for any beginner writer out there, and it was also an introduction to me for the writings of Brandon Sanderson.  I’m in an odd position that I find myself a fan of Sanderson without actually reading any of his novels.  I enjoyed his short story in the Armored anthology from JJ Adams, but I feel after listening to him expound on the craft and approaches of writing so much I cna’t help but feel respect for the man.

Anyway, I’m saying this because I had a series of YouTube videos brought to my attention.  They’re a collection of classes Brandon gave to his college class on creative writing.  There’s a fair few hour’s worth of material here for people to listen to, and I already have, and if there’s a way to download them I will for future reference.

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